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A Knot of Thrones - The Cruel Lessons of Master Thorn - Part II

Sir Balin of Karfeld waits in his cell. He is a captured knight of the Alerion order and is personally famous for hunting followers of Asmodeus.   Harlocke recognizes Sir Balin and knows Balin was instrumental in capturing one the PCs.  Harlocke also remembers Balin is a member of the same military force that captured each of them.   This knight of the Alerion Order is Cardinal Thorn’s gift of vengeance to his new knot. Sir Balin The knight woke up here with food, water, his arms and armor, two days ago. He was badly wounded in the battle to capture him, but his wounds were all magically healed when he awoke. He has tried to force the door many times but has failed utterly to break the iron bands that strengthen it. He wears around his neck a sunburst of silver and sapphire -- a holy symbol of Mitra. This is of course the pendant that our villains seek.  Sir Balin is an honorable man and takes seriously his oaths. He hates Asmodean devotees passionately and refuses to deal with those i

A Knot of Thrones - The Cruel Lessons of Master Thorn

Moving on to the next obvious room east, our villains encounter a room with an inscription above it's door reading " The chosen are revealed by their might. The weak deserve no sympathy" . This chamber houses two mithral cobras commanded to attack all who enter. The cobras bite bears a paralytic poison but otherwise are quite lethal. With a few swift punches, and an ogre in tow, they make quick work of the threat and begin to assess their next move.   Timeon It doesn’t take long for the party to realize they’ve skipped a room so they backtrack to find a torture room.  The inscription above the door reading " Cruelty is a tool not a pastime. Be ruthless to thy enemy but reward those who serve thee well ".  Hiding within the room is a squire of Balentyne named Timeon.  Timeon recognizes the Asmodeus symbols and refuses to help our scoundrels until it is decided that he be racked.  Minimal persuasion causes the squire to break and he spills all his knowledge.  To h

A Knot of Thorns - Crossing the Moors

The moors of Talingarde are dark, brackish salt marshes teaming with mosquitos and other buzzing pests.  But this is of little consequence to our group of sinners as the map stolen, but an hour ago from the ill-fated Branderskar prison warden Mathias Richter, exposes routes to the Old Moor Road avoiding patrols.  Unfortunately the chosen route did not anticipate crossing the path of the Giant Toad Lashtongue who fancied a quick meal.  The old toad stood no chance; even though it managed to surprise our party, the adventurers made quick work of him. After escaping the prison, surviving the monstrous Lashtongue, and crossing the moors with guard patrols at their heels, finding the house on the Old Moor Road pales beside their other accomplishments.  As promised, a lonely lantern burns in the upper story. The place otherwise shows little sign of habitation. Old but well-appointed, the house is large, imposing and alone on its hill. Painted a dark green and surrounded by barbed wrought iro