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Voxels, what’s not to love?!?

About 2 years ago I thought I would take a dive into creating a Voxel engine.  Well… engine is a loose term I suppose as I would be building such a thing on top of an existing engine.  A more apt description would probably be: About 2 years ago I thought I would take a stab at learning about voxel rendering and if my projects could benefit from such things. Going in to the voxel fantasy with the inspiration of  youtube videos  was difficult as I had no idea where to begin.  Eventually I put the exploration onto the back burner as I had other areas of interest to develop for first and foremost.  It wasn’t until a recent game development meetup where I saw someone’s voxel engine that they had been working on for the last 3 years inspired me to revisit my former desires with voxels. Over the previous 2 weeks I have created a voxel data structure, a chunk data structure, and found a way to successfully save the data to a file without all the raw overhead of writing out the entire voxel